ACF Ujima

Ujima, Inc.: The National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community (Ujima) is a national resource center that address domestic, sexual and community violence. It responds to and addresses, while developing an active approach to ending violence against women in the Black community. The name Ujima, Inc., was derived from the Kwanzaa Principle of “Ujima,” which means Collective Work and Responsibility. This principle is critical to addressing violence against Black women in the United States. Ujima, Inc. provides education and outreach, training and technical assistance, resource development, research, and public policy efforts. It works to mobilize the black community and allies to strengthen our families, recognizing the safety and viability of our families is connected to the health and well-being of our individual neighborhoods and communities at large. We define the black community as the African Diaspora in its broadest sense, e.g., African-Americans (descendants of slaves in the U.S.), African immigrants, Afro-Caribbeans, and Afro-Latinos/as.


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